Volume 7 | Issue 2 | 2019


The Directorates for Primary Education represent a very important part in the Public Administration of Greece, because with their function the school units and the supportive educational institutions are staffed and supervised and at the same time they are the intermediary connection between the Ministry of Education and school units. The new organisation chart of the Ministry of Education prescribes 5 departments in every Directorate for Primary Education,namely the administrative, financial,personnel, new technologies and educational affairs departments under the management of the Director of the Directorate for Primary Education. After approximately one year, the coexistence of the above new structures showed some problems and malfunctions, which are clearly described in a survey that the Director of the Directorate conducted on the administrative employees and the attached teachers working in the Directorate for Primary Education of Rodopi, by using a questionnaire. Some of them are the involvement of a lot of departments in process realization, the inefficient number of employees and often the ambiguity of responsibility allocation among the employees. In order to solve the above problems, the Director is about to take the necessary initiative.

Full text: pdfNew organization chart of Directorates for Primary Education, Problems-Malfunctions 453 ΚB