Volume 7 | Issue 2 | 2019


The rapid spread of the production of new knowledge has led to the urgent need for qualified teachers who transmit knowledge through high quality teaching methods. Qualifications such as effective management, evaluation and utilization of new knowledge as well as the capability of continuous training and reeducation are highly required for future students. Therefore, the role of the professors in University cannot only reflect the research work, but also the valuable role of the teacher. Inspired teachers, who surpass an outdated teacher-oriented learning method play a significant role on the development of intergraded personalities with critical thinking abilities, academic ethos and sense of social responsibility. In this paper, a semi- structured face to face interview was conducted where the importance of University Pedagogy (U.P.), which is referred to the professional, educational training of the academic members at higher educational institutions, in Greek Universities, was studied and evaluated. The findings seem to be promising, since the majority of academic members were strongly encouraged the application of U.P. in Greek institutions considering that many existing drawbacks may be overcome..

Full text: pdfUniversity Pedagogy in Greece, a qualitative approach 647 ΚB