Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019


The reason for this study was the abolition of the institution of the School Advisor, which began with the best intentions in 1982 and closed its historical cycle in 2018 after a long period of depreciation and deconstruction. It will be attempted to record the course of the institution of the School Advisor and to systemize the public debate for the 36 years of its operation in the educational system through contemporary original sources. The approach that is attempted is historic. Studying these historical sources, emerge six successive periods that have determined the course and outcome of this institution. The first period is the construction of the new institution in the early 80's. Its idealization follows, as he appeared, almost, as the solution to all the problems of education. However, the period of idealization was followed by a long period of abandonment and at the same time the search for direction. Since it was not possible to find a direction acceptable by both the State and the teachers, a long period of depreciation and deconstruction was followed. So, in 2018, we were led to the abolition of the institution, what we call rebuilding here, and the establishment, among other institutions, of the new institution that will replace it, that of the Educational Work Coordinator.

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