Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019


This study investigates visual arts’ contribution to the teaching of physical concepts in pre-school age. The learning objectives set out compiled the forthcoming activities in order to familiarize children with water as a solvent. In particular, our aim was to:
1. Study the behavior / effect of water on solid and liquid materials used as visual art media.
2. Approach contrasting concepts of color (transparent-opaque, fluid-dry, dark-light) using different amounts of water as a solvent.
The present case study conducted at a public day kindergarten in Athens with 17 preschoolers.Our research tools were participatory observation and the portfolio of children. In addition, significant supplementary material was provided by videotapes photographs depicting children's behavior.
According to our findings, learning is promoted through adult-child interaction and collaboration, and visual media can be used in science didactics. At the same time, it is confirmed that arts’ material can enhance and improve preschoolers’ previous knowledge of water as a solvent in solids and liquids.

Full text: pdfThe contribution of visual arts to the teaching of natural concepts in preschool age: The case of water 846 ΚB