Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019


This research attempts to assist in identifying the need of redefinition of the legal framework as regards the duties of a primary school principal, so that they can offer more than simply be “managerial instruments” . The Greek model of organization and administration in Education, the skills of management / leadership and the limitations of the legal framework have been examined. For a more efficient conduct of this research the qualitative approach was chosen, as the most appropriate to reveal the viewpoints and perceptions of the ten respondents -school principals on the research question which was posed using the interview technique. It has been observed that five out of ten school principals believe that although they consider themselves able to exercise leadership they do not manage to do so, due to the structure of the current legal framework in the field of education and at the same time the majority of them believe that the current legal framework as well as the organization and structure of the educational system are characterized by centralization, rigidity, lack of modern spirit, strict adherence to formalities and rules, patronage and rigid bureaucracy, which prevents the distinction and development of school principal-leaders.

Full text: pdfView points and attitudes of School Principals in Primary Level Education towards the ability of exercising leadership, based on the current legal framework and the structure of the Greek Educational system 363 ΚB