Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019


This article aims to investigate the motivation for participation of women prisoners in the SCS of the Eleonas Thebes detention facility. The individual semi-structured interview was used as research tool, while content analysis was selected as a method of analyzing and processing data. The sample of the survey consisted of nine trainees attending the Elena Thebes SCS and the psychologist of the SCS. The results of the survey showed that the trainees’ motives to participate in the educational process are mainly their educational development for their future rehabilitation, personal empowerment, avoiding the suffering of the imprisonment and their appropriate socialization. The beneficial calculation of the penalty is not recorded as a key incentive, and the intention to continue their studies after release is basically positive in relation to the exogenous conditions they will face after serving their sentence.

Full text: pdfIncentives for the participation of women prisoners in educational programmes. Case study in the SCS of the Eleonas Thebes detention facility 344 ΚB