Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019


This paper is focused on studying the factors that influence the relation between the students and their teachers, especially their Mathematician. Through the research questions, it was analyzed how much, factors like the experience, the transmissibility and the age of their Mathematician, plus the use of computers in the class could influence the opinion that students had for him/her. Afterwards, the research focused on the relation that the students had with their Mathematician, while at the same time it tried to correlate that relation with the way they participate, comprehend or perform in Mathematics. Furthermore, it was analyzed if the relation between teachers and students could influence the latter for “loving” or “hating” Mathematics. Finally, there are some proposals, collected from the students’ answers, fordeveloping a good relation between them and their Mathematician

Full text: pdfThe relations between teachers and students in Gymnasium: Thecase of Mathematics teacher362 ΚB