Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019


In-service teacher training programs are of great importance for teachers of English who work in the private and the state sector, as they augment their knowledge and enhance their teaching practices and as a result conduce to the improvement of the educational system. On account of the significance of these training courses both for teacher development as well as student growth, it is necessary to identify the training needs and preferences of the teachers.
The present paper aims to introduce and critically discuss if the views of the teachers of English who work in the private and the state sector in Greece regarding their in-service training are homogeneous or contradictory.
To this end, a research was carried out with both state and private teachers of English through a questionnaire and interviews. The accrued data pinpointed that both groups displayed similar preferences regarding the content, the place, the mode and the duration of in-service training courses. Moreover, a striking similarity emerged, that is the participants’ requirement to express their training needs which in turn should be taken into consideration in the preparation of in-service training programs.

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