Volume 6 | Issue 3 | 2018


The new conditions created in rapidly changing modern societies and the need to enable the educational institutions to respond to them has made inevitable, firstly, the introduction of reforms in education systems and, secondly, the evaluation of their implementation. In this context, in Cyprus was established on a pilot basis the educational institution of the All-Day Compulsory Primary School between 2006 and 2009 and, furthermore, was conducted its evaluation by an Independent Committee on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture, with the aim of doing a comparative assessment of its three year implementation. This article represents an attempt of a critical analysis of the Final Evaluation Report for this school, by investigating whether the prescribed in the scientific literature methodological rules and quality criteria for similar reports were followed. It examines, in particular, the purpose and the targets of the conducted evaluation, the Report effectiveness in view of the dissemination of results and conclusions, as well as the applicability of the recommendations arising from it. At the same time, the article comments the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluators and, finally, makes remarks that can contribute to improve similar Reports.

Full text: pdfCritical analysis of the Final Evaluation Report for the Cyprus All-Day Compulsory School576 ΚB