Volume 6 | Issue 3 | 2018


The socio-economic, political and cultural changes that took place during a period of great crisis and aggravation of social phenomena, influenced education. The need to adapt to the new reality, introduces the teacher to a refreshed, modern and demanding working environment, where technology and multiculturalism make its role in school and social education decisive. The avant-garde teacher is activated for the purpose of effective teaching. Reflection and critical thinking are the means of recognizing his values, knowledge and perceptions. The teacher’s new profile changes from a knowledge transmitter to a facilitator of the learning process. His role conquers critical thinking through reflection, for effective learning. The reflective teacher makes self-reflection and comprehends the pedagogical process with skepticism. As a result reflective practice can be a beneficial form of professional development of teaching. By gaining a better understanding of their own individual teaching styles through reflective practice, teachers can improve their effectiveness in the classroom. This study through a bibliographic review, aims to highlight the characteristics of the reflective teacher and his contribution to effective learning..

Full text: pdfThe reflective practice as a beneficial process to teacher development and effectiveness. An outline study of the effective teacher’s profile through reflection622 ΚB