Volume 6 | Issue 3 | 2018


This article aims to present the creation of stories concerning the Elementary Education, with the help of the technological tools T.P.E. Students based on the model of guided research emphasize on critical thought, collaborative learning and creative expression where their teacher takes on the role of the partner and coordinator of the whole attempt. They also realize the multiculture value of literature and discover its use and utility nowadays. They search, write down, discuss among them in order to make their own story. They also create exercises and puzzles based on the main idea of their story, pictures, too, according to the way they had imagined them during the conception of the story theme. Additionally, the students have the ability to present their work and this is very important and crucial, because it gives them the chance to evaluate, communicate and collaborate all together.

Full text: pdfThe transition from linear to digital narration of fairy tales in Elementary Education639 ΚB