Volume 6 | Issue 3 | 2018


This paper presents a research aimed to explore the exploitation of the Learning Management System LAMS to reinforce the traditional way of teaching in a “mixed ability” class, through the implementation and evaluation of Differentiated Teaching activities in Secondary Vocational Education. The research was a case study (small-scale) action research, in which quantitative and qualitative approaches were implemented. In the context of the research, learning activities of Differentiated Teaching in LAMS environment were designed and implemented by the students of the 3rd grade of a vocational high school, within the framework of the course "Computer Programming". Subsequently, the students completed a questionnaire and interviewed on LAMS usability and learning activities. The results argue in favor of LAMS's use in carrying out Differentiated Teaching activities.

Full text: pdfLAMS’s usability and Differentiated Teaching: The student’s side743 ΚB