Volume 6 | Issue 3 | 2018
  Table of Content
    Spyros Kioulanis 6-7

The importance and the role of Mentor in the reception and absorption of newly appointed teachers: Examining the opinions of educators working in the Primary Education of the Prefecture of Evia

    Trikas Michail, Kasimatis Katerina 8-27

Motivating learners to enjoy an LMOOC experience till the end

    Maria Mishou 28-36

Addressing one of the long-standing controversies in foreign language teaching: Young learners’ perceptions on the use of the mother tongue in EFL classrooms

    Neokleous Georgios, Damianou Despoina 37-52
  LAMS’s usability and Differentiated Teaching: The student’s side 
    Kontaxi Ioanna, Dr Rossiou Eleni 53-65

The transition from linear to digital narration of fairy tales in Elementary Education

    Karava Zacharoula 66-76

21st Century Skills

    Thoma Ralia, Karafotia Maria, Tzovla Eirini 77-90

Contribution to the theory and practice of Christian Education in the context of religious Education: The didactic transposition of St Paul’s missionary journeys through the use of electronic board games

    Xanthi Almpanaki 91-106

The reflective practice as a beneficial process to teacher development and effectiveness. An outline study of the effective teacher’s profile through reflection.

    Tsitinidou Chrysanthi 107-125

Outdoor experiential activities and game in the framework of Environmental Education

    Anastasia Agathagellou, Stelios Lazaridis, Anagnostis Housanlis 126-146

The role of the School Principal in Classroom Management

    Maria Tektonopoulou 147-159

ECVET’s presentation (European Credit system for Vocational Education & Training)

    Petra Vasiliki, Mprousas Prodromos 160-178

Critical analysis of the Final Evaluation Report for the Cyprus All-Day Compulsory School

    Papadopoulos Kleanthis  179-195 

Audiovisual education and popular culture: a case study of a well-known telenovela

    Antonis Zarintas 196-204

False friends between modern greek and the Griko dialect and their use in the language lesson

    Dimitrios Stafidas 205-212
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