Volume 6 | Issue 2 | 2018


This study explores the alternative concepts of elementary school students in relation to decomposition and efforts are made to extend the established scientific view of constructivist teaching framework, namely the exploratory method, through the techniques of experimentation and the semi-structured discussion. Although initially students disregard the role of the decomposers and the process of decomposition, through the implementation of activities that promote learning, emerging by the ideas and empirical knowledge of the students, as well as with the decreasing direction of the researcher, they gradually extend their views to the scientific point of view. The current study, which used both the written expression of children with a phenomenological approach and the visualization of videotaped teaching, reinforces the view that the daily knowledge of students is not an obstacle to the path towards conceptual change, but rather the "organ" in which will be based on teaching so that so-called simplistic knowledge is replaced by scientific knowledge.

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