Volume 6 | Issue 2 | 2018


This essay explores the integration of swimming in the Physical Education course in elementary schools according to the views of the involved bathing instructors, the pupils’ teacher-attendants who participated in the swimming program and these pupils’ parents. The main methodological tool of the research is the interview, which was carried out with 13 participants (bathing instructors, teachers - students 'escorts, pupils' parents). The purpose of the interview was to write down and analyse the subjects' views on the possibility of incorporating swimming in the physical education lesson, the obstacles of that integration and the contribution of bathing to elementary school pupils. The findings of the research have shown that it is feasible and necessary, at the same time, to integrate bathing into physical education lessons in primary schools because of its significant contribution to swimming education, athletic skills, behavior, mental health and children’ s hygiene habits. Nevertheless, the barriers of its proper implementation are numerous, serious and, therefore, in need of a substancial and prompt solution so as the enterprise to become a success.

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