Volume 6 | Issue 1 | 2018
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    Spyros Kioulanis 5

"Teaching Trends and Challenges in Contemporary Learning Environments: The Secret of Fire”

    Spiros Kioulanis, Anastasia Panagiotidou 7-22

This is our new country: raising cultural awareness through aspects of local history within culturally-diverse classrooms

    Georgia Vraka, Alexandra Vraka, Isaak Papadopoulos  23-33

Lesson Study: a Suggestion for in-service Science Teacher Training

    Yiannis Gavalas 34-49
  Burnout among education teachers in primary and secondary schools
    Ilias Flabouras Nietos, Stiliani Papavaggeli, Eleni Zournatzi, Athanasios Koustelios 50-64

Exploring seniors’ intentions for attending ICT educational programmes through the implementation of the Technology Acceptance Model 2

    Diogenis Alexandrakis, Zacharias Alexandrakis 65-85

Practices and Interventions at junior high school for the education of logical-mathematical concepts contained in subject “Technology” for students with mild mental retardation

    Ioannis Kabitis  86-99

The role of Distributed Leadership in enhancing social justice in the school organization

    Aggeliki Gogola  100-111

The challenges of IT tools in research / work projects for teaching Music: Examples and suggestions

    Georgia Alexouda, Maria Patio 112-129

Career development in elementary school. The role of interdisciplinary activities in textbooks of Greek language course through a semiotic approach

    Paschalis Saroglou 130-148

Reinforcing the European and environmental consciousness of the school community through an innovative project

    Georgios Stougiannoudis, Xanthi Almpanaki, Triantafyllia Syvaka 149-165
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