Volume 5 | Issue 3 | 2017



This article describes a case study of the development of the emotional intelligence of students through the production of multimodal texts on the subject of refugees,based on a teaching intervention and its results, which was designed and implemented as part of the pilot training program “on the paths of Writing” in the 3rd Junior High of Nafpaktosduring the school year 2015-2016. All the students of the third year class of the school unit were engaged in cooperative production of multimodal texts on the subject of refugees. Specifically, the original poetic composition subjected to the kind of acrostic, which arose through teamwork activities. The development of emotional intelligence of everyone involved was sought through poetry and the targeted selection of the accompanying visual material from the Internet. Firstly, the awareness of students as transmitters with regard to the inflated phenomenon of refugees.Secondly, the mobilization of the wider community, educational and local, as recipients of the students’ thoughts, through the essay diffusion on the web. The students’ acrostic are posted in the online bulletin board padlet under the internet linkhttp://padlet.com/symplait/i6x6mcv5ctpv.


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