Volume 5 | Issue 2 | 2017



The concept of Continuing Vocational Training (CVT) is being examined, in the particular article, in the light of Lifelong Learning, as well as in terms of its necessity, the forms of training programs and the bodies offering them, focusing on the self-financing CVT programs. Moreover, through a field research, the characteristics of adult learners and the categories of incentives and obstacles encountered during their participation in self-financing CVT programs, are studied and analyzed thoroughly. In addition, the field research consists of quantitative research methods, using a structured questionnaire. The results reveal that the main motivations for participation to such programmes, are related to the interest for learning as well as the participants’ ambition to improve professional level. On the other hand, the basic detected obstacles related to the participation to self-financing programmes are less significant, mainly having constitutional character.


Full text: pdfThe usage of self-funded Vocational Training Programs, an evaluative approach by workers and unemployed865 KB