Volume 5 | Issue 1 | 2017



This study represents an initial attempt to simplify the selection of teaching techniques through categories used in the context of environmental education and to rise students’ recycling awareness in Preschool and Primary Education. The proposed selection process was based on the assessment of the categories of teaching techniques by students of Faculty of Education, concerning the degree of satisfaction of the objectives of environmental education and the potential application vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Students’ evaluations revealed useful information on the process of selecting the appropriate teaching techniques in Environmental Education in Preschool and Primary education level. These findings can be considered in the design of environmental education programs or even during the educational process, for choosing the appropriate teaching techniques to meet the objectives of Environmental Education. The survey was conducted through a questionnaire specially designed for this purpose and 320 students of Faculty of Education were participated. The results obtained have indicated that the assessment of the categories of teaching techniques can be a useful tool during the process of selecting techniques in collaboration with the students to promote environmental behavior and raise awareness in Preschool and Primary Education.


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