Volume 4 | Issue 3 | 2016



The present research mainly aims at studying the matter of quality of the educational unit in question, from both the students’ perspective who happen to be the final recipients (clients) of the yielded educational work/product and also, from the educational staff’s perspective, after one year from the assessment application (Educational Year 2013- 2014) throughout the whole country of Greece. This empirical study was based on the development and distribution of a questionnaire. The final sample of the research consists of 46 educational staff and 126 student participants from the 2nd EPAL (School of Vocational Education) of prefecture of Xanthi.
The fundamental purposes of the current research were 1) the clarification of concepts such as the assessment, the educational work and the quality of the educational work, 2) the detection of some quality indicators which may require development, and 3) the usage of the imminent results in future research. According to the statistical processing and further analysis of the research data, we can conclude that there is not great significant difference between the views of educational staff and students. Moreover some indicators of quality of the educational work, (which were characterized as inadequate) were identified and need improvement.


Full Text: pdfThe impact of school unit evaluation on the quality of education in vocational high schools. A study on the 2nd EPAL (School of Vocational Education) of prefecture of Xanthi2.17 MB