Volume 4 | Issue 3 | 2016



The anticipated general use of the New Common Foreign Language Curriculum (NCFLC) in Greek Public Primary and Secondary Schools offers the opportunity to connect the public schooling system with the foreign language certification administered by the Greek Ministry of Education through its national foreign language testing system (KPg). This paper describes the overlapping points of both by analyzing their pedagogic, didactic and assessment framework as well as their points of contact. Furthermore, sample ICT applications for the promotion of foreign language skills and electronic literacy, as recommend by the NCFLC, are shortly discussed. Scope of this paper is to inform Greek public foreign language teachers about the possibilities offered to them through the NCFLC, as far as the development, enrichment and elevation of foreign language teaching practices in public schools in combination with the use of ICT means and as a supportive means for KPg language testing is concerned.


Full Text: pdfThe New Common Curriculum for Foreign Language Teaching and the National Foreign Language Examination System - Points of Contact, Mutual Completion and Arguments for Implementation of ICT663.75 KB