Volume 4 | Issue 3 | 2016



Textbooks tend to be the main learning resource and the most significant teaching tool, in almost all the education systems around the world. Mathematics textbooks, particularly, are offered as the primary and indispensable activities’ resource and teaching orientation and methodology, affecting that "what" and "how" in everyday teaching procedure and even the quality of learning. However, an adequate textbook should satisfy some basic and fundamental mathematical principles, as much as perform and highlight a variety of special features of the mathematical language and text. For this reason, the evaluation of textbooks is a sine qua non, continuous feedback process which is essential for improving the entire educational edifice. This review, as part of a wider research, examines the teachers’ point of view about the sixth grade Mathematics Textbook, about its content, its appearance attributes and the compliance with the Cross Thematic Curriculum. In general, the teachers acclaim the book for its cross thematic projections, for the attractiveness of its font, as much as for its quality and usability. Moreover, they believe that the content of textbook is affordable, normal and sufficient to promote modern learning theories. Finally, the development of critical and mathematics thinking as well as enhancing the mathematical environment in the learning process seem to be, according to the teachers, some other significant advantages of this textbook.


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