Volume 4 | Issue 1 | 2016



This paper investigates the attitudes and perceptions of Headmasters/mistresses of Primary and Secondary Education School Units on the current selection system, as defined by Law 4327/2015. By using the method of interviewing, fifteen Headmasters and Headmistresses of Primary and Secondary School Units in the prefecture of Larissa, nine women and six men, a) evaluate the current selection system b) present their proposals on
changes of the existing selection system and c) contribute to the formulation of proposals for better and more efficient selection of educational administration personnel. 

In interpreting the findings, it is established that the request for change in the voting procedure is universal among the Managers surveyed. They do not accept the subjective judgment of people who just judge with feasibility and nothing else. They agree on the need
for schools to be staffed with people who have scientific knowledge and skills - not only many years of service or experience. But many talk about «coexistence" of an educational experience and scientific training and a strong personality. They also request to be given the opportunity of choice of more than three school units


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