Volume 4 | Issue 1 | 2016



The aim of this paper is to delve into the training needs of EFL teachers within the “Programme of Learning English in Early Childhood”- PEAP in the Greek educational context. To this end, a study was conducted involving 205 teachers of English in Central Macedonia. Questionnaires were administered to the participants in order to trace their inservice training needs. Moreover, their familiarisation with appropriate teaching approaches and the characteristics of very young learners was put under the lens. Two variables were taken into consideration, namely the years of teaching experience and the teachers’ studies - that is undergraduate and postgraduate. The statistical analysis of the accrued data revealed that the respondents rated their training preferences in a descending order of importance. Furthermore, the participants opted for receiving training concerning the traits of very young learners. These findings can be employed in the design of in-service training programmes for Early Language Learning


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