Volume 4 | Issue 1 | 2016



Aim of this research is to investigate the Public Secondary Technical Vocational Education teachers’ views regarding how to structure effective school-based training programme for tackling bullying. A qualitative approach with the use of semi-structured interviews was applied. Highlighted in the conclusions is the cooperation among the members of the school community for the co-forming of the training targets. Furthermore, the implementation of a cooperative training model, in which both students’ and parents’ experience is developed, is preferred by the sample. According to their views, the thematic content of the training programmes should be based on study of the basic aspects of the phenomenon, as well as in themes such as empathy, group dynamics and interpersonal relationships. Experts and teachers experienced in tackling bullying incidents are preferred as trainers, while it is argued that the training methodology should be based on adult education principles. Finally, other additional practices and actions are proposed.


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