Volume 3 | Issue 2 | 2015



The purpose of this study was to detect whether the perceptions of teachers of secondary education for computers and new technologies related to the use of these agents in the environment of the classroom. Participants were 80 secondary school teachers in the prefecture of Serres. It was applied research project correlation and the results showed that there is no relationship between the perceptions of teachers about new technologies and their use in the classroom, but that they have special anxiety to prove in practice that they like computers and handle them with ease. The conclusion is that teachers should be helped by the education and training system in order not to think that the use of new technologies is imposed but that they have the possibility of self-motivation to creatively integrate new technologies in the classroom.


Full Text: pdfPerceptions of teachers of Secondary Education in the Prefecture of Serres on the use of computers and the application of new technologies of information and communication in their teaching354.48 KB