Volume 3 | Issue 2 | 2015



An imperative request to upgrade the quality of education is raised in the modern Greek reality. The concepts of quality and efficiency have been the subject of numerous international investigations in order for the characteristics of effective schools to be identified. Therefore emerged the factors which should be evaluated so as a school may be regarded as effective or not. The application of self-evaluation of the school is an effort that will assess the quality indicators of the educational work and will enable the feedback and then the formulation of action plans for further improvement of the educational work.

In the present study the views of teachers and directors of Primary Education on the selfassessment of the school were investigated, conclusions were reached and proposals were made so as this alternative form of evaluation to assert central position in the Greek educational system. The findings of the study indicated that the views of teachers on the selfevaluation of the school are not clear. While they consider necessary the application of selfassessment for the improvement of the provided educational work, however they express strong reservations about the objectives the self-assessment pursues and the results it will achieve. On the other hand, directors are more convinced than teachers that the self-evaluation has a feedback-improver character and therefore wish to implement it. At this time to overcome the barriers of its implementation the consensus of the parties involved is necessary as well as the political will for its effective implementation.


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