Volume 3 | Issue 2 | 2015
  Table of Content
    Spyros Kioulanis 5 - 6

The contribution of experiential learning in a non typical adult vocational training environment. A Case Study

    Nick Dukakis, Efthymios Valkanos, Vasiliki Brinia 7 - 34

From Constructive Projects and Portfolios to Tests Repository. Twenty years of evaluation in Secondary Education (1994 – 2015)

    Anna Agelopoulou, Georgios Tzastas 35 - 50

The social dimension of teaching Teamwork in the Second Chance School: psychosocial benefits and difficulties

    George Alevizopoulos 51 - 68

Educator’s Emotional Intelligence in Second Chance Schools for Adults

    Dimitra V. Katsarou, Dimitra Panta, Elisavet Konstantinidou, Vasiliki Zisi 69 - 81

The contemporary Visual Art Education in early childhood. Case study on the attitude and perceptions of teachers in the region of Attica regarding the multifaceted phenomenon of Art.

    Konstantinou Eirini, Vaos Antonis, Lavidas Konstantinos 83 - 101

Traditional and modern view of linguistic error in writing correction

    Eva Zarkogianni 103 - 117

School self-evaluation: Views of headmasters and teachers of primary education

     Vasiliki Patentali 119 - 140

Perceptions of teachers of Secondary Education in the Prefecture of Serres on the use of computers and the application of new technologies of information and communication in their teaching

    Lytzerinou Evangelia 141 - 156

The Crisis in the Society - Family and her Impact in the School (The bulling phenomenon)

    Theodoros Christodoulou  157 - 166

School and parents relations: Cooperation and conflict

    Stavros Tsetsos 167 - 178
  Political apathy of secondary education students: empirical approach in schools of central Macedonia.
    Anthony Papaeconomou 179 - 191
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