Volume 2 | Issue 3 | 2014



In this paper we present a scenario with the use of ICT in the lesson of Ancient Greek Literature in the second grade of high school, which was implemented in the classroom and was used as an assessment tool for the students. The topic of the scenario is “Clothing in ancient Greece - The historical change through Avakio”.
Our goal was the students to understand through collaborative processes the concept of historical change (clothing and language) and realize that the Greek language is a living organism that is always changing. The evaluation was based on the qualitative content analysis of the students’ responses. Also, the cultivation of students’ social skills was examined with the method of observation. Students responded to the teaching methodology in a positive way, completed the activities collaboratively and conceived the historical change through concrete examples. 
Through the content analysis of students’ responses and the method of observation we led to significant conclusions, which guided us to suggest new proposals for further improvement of our scenario.


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