Volume 2 | Issue 3 | 2014



The professional development of a teacher is considered to be a key factor for the improvement and the maintenance of the quality of educational work and keeps evolving during his whole life. The adjustment and support of the recently appointed teacher at school, as a bridge of transition from the "student's desk" to the "teacher's office" and his first touch with the educational reality, constitute the most crucial and important stage in his vocational development. In the current study there is an approach of the practices, the policies and the educational measures which contribute to the support of the recently appointed teacher's integration on the school premises. But since the school organization is an open system and as such it interacts with its environment, the support of the occupational integration of new educator gets influenced due to the advent of the economic crisis in Greece. The restrictions imposed of the successful integration of recently appointed teachers by the economic recession in our country are approached. Furthermore, the need to preserve the most precious and valuable part of the educational system, which is the human resources, is highlighted.


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