Volume 2 | Issue 2 | 2014
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    Spyros Kioulanis 5 - 7

Utilization Of Art In The Postgraduate Program "Adult Education": An Innovative Practice

    Alexis Kokkos, Natassa Raikou 9 - 23

Explore the views physical education teachers in relation to the use of the methodology of adult education in training programmes

    Iosif Frangoulis, Konstantinos Christopoulos 25 - 39

Assessing the effectiveness of different educational techniques in adult learners performances: the case of a training program of Turkish language

    Stathaki Maria, Koutroukis Theodoros 41 - 56 

Impact of intervention programmes on kindergarten children’s social skills: Theoretical framework and literature review

    Loukatari Paschalio, Matsouka Ourania, Grammatikopoulos Vasilios, Albanidis Evangelos 57 - 71 

Perceptions of parental involvement in the educational process and the expectations of the educational sessions at the Elementary School

    Papadopoulou Anastasia 73 - 85 

Age, gender, years in service, size of school unit, group cohesion, relation between head and employee and emotional intelligence: their role regarding teachers’ feeling and satisfaction at work

    Konstantinos Oikonomou 87 - 103

Research by gender on stress and fear levels of secondary education teachers with common interest levels for P/C, when using the Internet in their training.

    Anastasia Panagiotidou, Helen Tarator 105 - 111

European identity formation within European educational polity: Bologna procedure case

    Anthony Papapeconomo 113 - 127
  Nationalism and Education: Bulgaria and Belomorie
    Dimitra Patronidou  129 - 147
  The questionnaire as α methodological instrument for the research of the indicator: “Relations between School-Parents”, in the frame of self-evaluation of the school unit
    Demiroglou Pantelis, Paschalidis Nikolaos 149 - 163 
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