Volume 2 | Issue 1 | 2014



The paper examines the meaning of greekness. Specifically, it books into the contribution of literature and literary criticism to the construction of the content of greekness. Theoretical evidence and meanings from the view of the social construction and the critical analysis discourse are developed. In the beginning, a short presentation of the theory is made. After that, we focus on the meaning of greekness and the content which greekness was given by the way Seferis read Makrygiannis. In the next unit, we talk about the function of greekness as a symbolic universe. Also, we talk about the character of the greekness in connection with institutionalization and mostly the legitimation, in whose view the paper is placed. In addition, the way which has an impact and determines the historical and social reality is pinpointed in a standard of behaviours and material reality. So, we could claim that literature and literary criticism have a role of a conceptual machine for the maintenance of the symbolic universe “greekness”. Finally, we examine briefly the relation between the greekness and the formation of ideological identity.


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