Volume 2 | Issue 1 | 2014


The students of Panagia Diasellou of Arta High School created a bilingual (GreekFrench) electronic dictionary regarding social issues terms. All this effort started in line with their Modern Greek and French Language courses and within the framework of a multisubject programme regarding Career Education. Vocabulary is probably the most important parameter on intercommunication and is the main element on which thinking and speech depend on while; bilingualism is at least a pedagogical necessity. The purpose of the programme, where its implementation is based on eclectic multi-methods, is the development of useful lexical competences in both Greek and French language so as students can correspond, as social beings, on a variety of different communication ecosystems based on the fields of: sports & steroids, unemployment, violence, advertisement, consuming society, immigration, drugs, ecology, racism and TV reality. All students felt enriched and have appreciated the syllabus of the programme as it helped them expand on a personal, social cultural and professional level. The unrelenting interest for the programme together with their out of classroom dedication had well demonstrated that for the development of lexical ability, language courses are vital to the overall curriculum. And the need for introducing and developing bilingual authentic material should be included in the Secondary Education system in Greece.