Volume 2 | Issue 1 | 2014



Boundary second and third millennium 20 and 21 century inevitably raises questions about the future of mankind and we in him. Child in peace and in war child, child sieve and child is hungry, the child with the parents and children without parents, child refugees and child in their home, the children of hell and the kids calm, and so on. Negative image of the society becomes more evident when one idea that we live in a world with a flood of contradictory news, presentation indistinguishable boundaries between good and evil, fantasy and reality, and authenticity counterfeit, leading the child to confusion. Under this condition the child feels like being in an exhausted body and opponent with necrotic will to wake his creative ego. His life becomes impersonal and anonymous. Ethical education with a culture of a warm, comfortable, encouraging emotional atmosphere positively affects the student. Ethical education helps the student to deal with not only a trouble learning, but also a variety of personal and social problems, solidarity, respect for others, etc.


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