Volume 2 | Issue 1 | 2014



Computers and ICT, as valuable educational tools, have already earned a prominent place on the shelves of schools of all levels. However, until their final acceptance, there were previous periods, when the value of the computer, especially in Preschool Education, had been called into question. This paper advocates the value of computers and presents a wide range of computing gifts, which can be offered, especially in kindergartens, in order to be acquired educational benefits. Certainly, the usefulness of computers in Preschool Education is a function of multiple variables, since a number of factors affects it, such as the social and institutional environment, the curriculum, the quality of educational software, the developmentally appropriate activities, and, of course, above all, the attitudes of Preschool teachers. This latter factor is critical and crucial determinant for the computers integration in the educational process and, according to the unambiguous results of researches and studies, it is mainly shaped by the continuous and organized teacher training experiences.


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