Volume 11 | Issue 2 | 2023


We are on the threshold of a new era for humanity where education and the acquisition of soft skills are a cornerstone for economic growth and sustainability of modern societies. In a rapidly evolving environment where volatility and fluidity of social, economic and environmental constants prevail, some people are struggling not only with the adversities and difficulties of adaptation that are the result of the modern fluid environment (vuca world :volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiquity) but also with their own difficulties related to addiction and rehabilitation from substances ( drugs and alcohol) and new addictions (internet , gambling , overeating ) .
The school of 18 Ano is an innovative school that comes to meet this urgent need for knowledge and education, but at the same time it is a therapeutic and healing place where those who are treated - students of the school not only receive the necessary knowledge for the great reset of modern societies, but come out of the educational process empowered and mentally more resilient to face their own personal reset of their lives, aiming to live a meaningful and creative life for a better tomorrow.

Full text: pdfThe school as a place of education and treatment: the example of the school of the Drug rehabilitation unit ‘18 Ano’ of the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica. 304 KB