Volume 11 | Issue 2 | 2023


The ESTET project, " Embedding Sustainability Skills in Tourism Education and Training" is a European Erasmus+ programme aiming to provide Vocational Education and Training teachers and trainers’ methodologies, resources and tools for teaching skills related to sustainable development in education and training programs, with the ultimate goal of aligning the program's studies with the global trend of sustainable tourism development. The project includes as a partner from Greece, the Regional Directorate of Education of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, and organizations active in the field of education and tourism in Europe. The educational packages created are available on the project website www.estet-project.com free for the general public.
The ESTET program can be implemented in VET institutions for the continuous development of learners or it can be integrated as part of in-service training for tourism teachers carried out by VET providers. In addition to including green skills and concepts in teaching materials, as well as means of integration, the ESTET project can provide teachers with considered and relevant challenges, collaboration opportunities and ideas that they can address or use.

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