Volume 11 | Issue 2 | 2023


The aim of this research is to detect, through their general assessments and their experience, the proposals of executives of the Regional Directorate of Education and the Regional Center for Educational Coordination of Central Greece to achieve an effective training process for teachers. The sample of the survey was co-constituted by the Regional Director of Education of Central Greece, the Organizational Coordinator of the PE.K.E. S of Central Greece and the Coordinators of the PE70 Educational Project (Teachers). It is a qualitative approach in which a semi-structured interview with open-ended questions was used for data collection and content analysis for their e-processing. The research highlighted the need for a central longterm organized training framework with a clear legislative framework for training, with transparency in the management of the amounts provided for training and with strengthening the autonomy of regional structures. It was also proposed to support the teacher trainees before, during but especially after the end of the training and for as long as necessary to apply the new knowledge in practice and to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

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