Volume 11 | Issue 1 | 2023


The main aim of this study was to investigate the attitude of teachers concerning parental involvement in the primary schools. The absence of a similar research effort in one of the largest educational districts in the country that of Western Thessaloniki, oriented the field of research and the selection of the sample. The research strategy that followed in this study falls within the quantitative research methodology. A questionnaire included Likert-type scales, was used -answered by 213 teachers- so as to determine the significance of parental involvement and its features, the assessment of possible difficulties while implementing it and the necessity of teachers’ training. The responses given were analyzed using SPSS statistical software (v25) and it has been ascertained, as in other surveys, that parental involvement is considered crucial to accomplish the educational process and address students’ problems, confirming the first research hypothesis. The majority of participants responded positively to all statements concerning the various types of parental involvement. Furthermore, the study demonstrated the noninvolvement of the participants when it came to recognizing additional hurdles concerning lack of time, school timetables and work load. Lastly, there has been a significant statistical correlation between parental involvement and the content of the communication between parents and teachers contingent on some of their demographic characteristics.

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