Volume 11 | Issue 1 | 2023


The present research seeks to present the operation of the innovative institution of apprenticeship in technical vocational education (TVE) through EPAL and the contribution of the Director to the most effective implementation through the investigation of the views of the managerial and educational staff. Following the reference to the current legislative framework for the institution of apprenticeship, the presentation of basic principles and models of the educational and broader administration, as well as the characteristics of the directors, who undertake the administration of the institution of apprenticeship, an attempt is made to outline the degree of effectiveness of the operation with innovative methods of administration, as well as the way of introducing this innovative institution taking into account the broader environment, where this innovation takes place through presentation of the positive and weak points, which are identified by the participants in the survey with the help of the relevant bibliography.

Full text: pdfInvestigation of the views of the educational executives of EPAL on the operation of the institution of apprenticeship and the role of the director in its implementation 438 KB