Volume 11 | Issue 1 | 2023


The purpose of this work is the search and description of the context of the "skills" of teachers and pedagogues that both students and teachers are required to acquire and adopt in modern knowledge societies. Through the article, therefore, it is intended to analyze the events and components that formed a certain framework of "abilities" and a critical and evaluative approach will be applied to it, in order to determine these "abilities" in terms of their content and function in the spectrum educational. Specifically, the first section of this work will focus on the search for the skills that are considered in modern societies of knowledge to be necessary for the improvement of the school and the educational process. Next, the types of "skills" that modern students and learners need to have in general will be identified and in the last section reference will be made to the framework of "skills" of teachers and teachers and, in particular, to the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they must - given the circumstances - have.

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