Volume 11 | Issue 1 | 2023


Nowadays we are experiencing a technological advance that is considered as a milestone and called the "4th Industrial Revolution". The enormous development of the new Information and Communication Technologies creates a new map of qualifications required and automatically requires changes in the field of Education which should be adapted to the new data. This article examines the transformations and challenges that emerge in the field of Educational Policy in the era of the "4th industrial revolution", studying the changes that occur in the qualifications and skills that the labor market puts forward as well as the basic changes in the field of employment and labor relations. The cornerstones of this entire transition are the teachers who face multiple challenges that require multiple actions, both taken by the educational leadership and the teachers themselves who will have to prepare themselves and their students for the future. Added to all these, the pandemic crisis created new challenges which are also being considered. This article finally attempts to focus on our country by examining the developments taking place in the Greek area and at the same time presents some research on the teachers’ beliefs regarding the challenges aroused. Is the 4th industrial revolution an opportunity or a threat for the future?

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