Volume 10 | Issue 3 | 2022


The present post doc research is in the field of Teachers’ Education and aims to investigate the Discourses that are articulated by the lecturer, the students and the facilitator during the 3rd spiral of Teachers’ Practicum of the School of Philosophy and Education in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Based on social constructionism, I research the ensemble of Discourses that form and re-form the pedagogical subjects and the identities that they construct during their feedback encounters. Hereby, as an ethnographic case study, I used qualitative research techniques in order to gather the research material. Τhe analysis is following the Educational Discourse Analysis Model steps. The research highlights the multiple contexts, the strong intertextuality and the pluralism as key features of the form of the 3rd spiral of Teachers’ Practicum. The pedagogical identities of the subjects are fluid and still in process of transformation, combining both child-centered and more traditional Discourses.

Full text: pdf“Discourses” of students Teachers’ Practicum: The case of Philosophy Faculty 385 KB