Volume 10 | Issue 3 | 2022


The concept of learning organizations has developed significantly over the last 30 years. The study of the effort to transform an organization into a learning organization is based on a systemic view and is dominated by the ideas of collaboration, shared vision and common goals, as well as continuous learning and improvement. Schools as educational organizations can be transformed into learning organizations with multiple benefits for teachers and students. The work initially aims at the conceptual demarcation of the basic theoretical concepts it deals with, the concept of learning organization, organizational culture and educational leadership. The analysis of the transformation of an elementary school into a learning organization is attempted, documenting the need for transformation of the organization and the benefits arising from the process are reported. The elements of organizational culture that are considered necessary to achieve the transformation are formulated. Finally, the role of leadership in this process is defined. The analysis of the process and the resulting benefits can be a guide for training executives to attempt change.

Full text: pdfTransformation of a Primary School Unit into a learning organization. Benefits and the role of leadership 320 KB