Volume 10 | Issue 3 | 2022


The current article refers to the didactic utilization of an Educational Programme at the National Archaeological Museum with a view to the students’ acquaintance and familiarisation with the museum premises while at the same time allowing them to realize they will realize its importance as a body of tangible and intangible heritage. Additionally ,they will learn about the real meaning of the word ‘refugee’ through a pleasant , creative, experiential and critical approach . By participating in this project students will become aware of the importance and value of the Cultural Heritage, more specifically, the undeniable fact that through the years many of the traces of human creation have been kept and have featured the living and cultural level of the peoples who have created a considerable amount of artifacts. These traces have constituted the cultural consignment of the future generations. The current project aims to focus on the educational value of the importance of museum education and the role of the museums (real or virtual ) in general .

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