Volume 1 | Issue 3 | 2013



The integration of computers into the teaching and learning process was neither restful nor rosy. Boundless enthusiasm, backtracking, objections and skepticism have accompanied the demonstrations of the computer’s binary data-passport during its arrival in classrooms. However, the third current period of the computer technology, with the internet lures as its “firepower”, was crucial determinant for the acceptance of computers as an important and remarkable tool to teaching effectiveness. As might be expected, the budding ability of Web 3.0, with its individualized and person-centered focus, will weaken, perhaps, every pocket of resistance. Moreover, as this paper proceeds to, despite the fact that any anticipation could be suspicious, many more technological educational donors during the next decade will transform classrooms into impressive showrooms of computer applications and benefits. Is this fact meaning that the teacher’s role in this glorious climate of technological revolution will be probably led to gradual decrease? In no case teachers should be redundant. The timeless usefulness and the leading role of teachers in using computers and ICTs in the daily, teaching practice will remain the only forever lasting clause.


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