Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 2013



The aim of this study is to identify the factors that secondary education school philologists of the Prefecture of Kavala in Northern Greece believe that affect the use of ICT in their teaching practice, after their training (B-Level) in the course: "Training Teachers to the Use and Exploitation of ICTs in Educational Process", offered by the Greek Ministry of Education. Qualitative research was conducted using focused interviews as the main tool. Additionally, two diaries were used, the informants’ and the observers’ diary. The sample was eight teachers that have successfully attended this training course and they teach in Kavala’s secondary education schools. Content analysis was chosen for data processing. The findings showed that despite the initial intention of teachers to use ICT in a pedagogical way, many factors may hinder them (such as conflict with traditional teaching strategies, poor equipment, etc.) and combined with the lack of feedback, led some teachers to low down or even abandon the use of ICT in the classroom, which underlines the necessity of a strong follow-up process.


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