Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 2013



This work is aimed at recording the views of teachers who are employed in integration classes and special education schools, on the utilization of art while working with students that present mild learning difficulties. The first part of this paper presents the frame for utilizing art within the educational process and highlights the potential for efficient learning on behalf of these students. A survey on the most important models that have been proposed by field-experts is also presented giving special emphasis to the model introduced by Perkins. The term learning difficulties is thoroughly analyzed and presented the milder of them. The second part of this work is dedicated to the description of the research methodology and the presentation of the most important findings. The paper is concluded with the drawing of conclusions related to the efficient utilization of art in the context of educating students with mild learning difficulties.


Full Text: pdfThe views of primary school teachers on the utilization of art in educating students with mild learning difficulties. The case of teachers in the Achaia prefecture498.25 KB