Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 2013



In this study we present an interactive model of online distance training (RIVi.Ps), in the centre of which is reflection through Virtual Participants. The design of the environment was based on a long term research, for the needs of which we designed, implemented and evaluated three online learning environments in which we tried a scalable quantitative and qualitative involvement of Virtual Participants in the learning process. The results showed that the active involvement of Virtual Participants in online learning increases the reflective elaboration among the participants in the course and in this way it has a positive effect on the interaction, while creating feelings of pleasure, joy and satisfaction. The first part sets out the theoretical framework of the study and the results of the research so far, the second exposes the design of the RIVi.Ps environment, the application frame, the conclusions, the discussion, and suggestions regarding alternative ways of application, both in online learning and in adult education in person as well.


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