Volume 1 | Issue 2 | 2013
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    Spyros Kioulanis 3-5
  Reflective Interaction through Virtual Participants (R.I.Vi.Ps): An interactive model of open and distance education and online training
    Spyros Kioulanis 6-50 
  The views of primary school teachers on the utilization of art in educating students with mild learning difficulties. The case of teachers in the Achaia prefecture
    Iosif Fragoulis, Aimila Michalou 51-68
  Use of concept maps in preschool education: Theoretical approach and literature review  
    Tsingidou Soultana, Antoniou Panagiotis, Michalopoulou Maria, Kosta Georgios 69-80 
  The relationship of theory and practice in the curriculum for teacher education  
    Georgiadis Michail, Oikonomou Andreas 81-92 
  Factors related to the pedagogical utilization of the ICT by philologists after their training by specialty in ICT; the case of philologists in the prefecture of Kavala  
    Tsoutsa Stavroula,Kedraka Katerina  93-110 
  Τraining as a means of development and professional upgrade of primary school teachers: Their perceptions, views and preferences
    Athanasios Maletskos,Alexios Mastrogiannis 111-121 
  Applying CLIL in Greek schools: Notes from teaching in a provincial high - school
    Konstantinos Oikonomou 122-135
  Bulling at Primary School, on children of immigrant families from Albania and ex – Soviet Union
    Dimou Georgios 136-152 
  Educational visits design and implementation with museumkits and new technologies in museums and cultural centers: An educative action case study in primary education
    Angelopoulos Heracles, Panagiotis Karagiannis, Baris Theodoros, Bardaki Alexia 153-169
  Teachers’ training activities in a school unit
    Kapachtsi Venetia, Domna-Mika Kakana 170-181
  The aspects of teachers about linguistic course book 6th grade’s of primary school
    Tsioulis Alex, Doulgeridou Daphne 182-193
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